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New ‘Birthing on Country’ Model of Care for FPHW

Together with Monash University, we are so proud to be launching a new project to co-design a ‘Birthing on Country’ model of care with Community, for Community.

Birthing on Country is an international movement to return the control of maternity services to Indigenous Peoples. In Australia, returning the control of maternity services to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities means giving our babies and children the best start to life.

To make sure our new model of care is centred on Aboriginal knowledge, culture and practices, we will be yarning with and drawing on the expertise and wisdom of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women regarding birth and women’s business. Aboriginal Chief Investigator, Colleen Kelly (Yamatji) will lead this work, advancing an Aboriginal research agenda that centres Aboriginal self-determination and sovereignty.

In the coming months, Colleen and her team will support women to participate in yarning circles and individual yarns to share stories and perspectives on pregnancy, birthing and maternity care. This will help design the Birthing on Country model of care that FPHW looks forward to establishing for our communities in the Bayside Peninsula Area.

Steered by FPHW, a strong Aboriginal governance framework will underpin the work with an Aboriginal Advisory Committee overseeing the research to ensure it is responsive to the needs of the local community. Aligning the research to Kildea and Roe’s RISE framework that seeks to redesign maternity services, invest in the Aboriginal workforce, strengthen families and empower communities, we aim to improve maternal and newborn health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women, babies and their families.

We will be seeking the participation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women aged 18 years and over for our yarning circles and individual yarns. Anyone interested should contact Colleen Kelly on mobile 0432 702 447 or keep an eye on our socials for details soon.

For media enquires:

Karinda Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

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